Book II

     The history of the Guild, as described in Book I, has been written in a documentary style, with references based on written and oral references. This next book will vary in style because the events that took place were witnessed, at close hand, by the author. The following information, as before, has been gathered from written documentation and oral histories. However it is being written in a more autobiographical format with the third person viewpoint replaced by the first person. There is a great deal of pertinent information that was not written down, but will be recorded in the following two chapters, specified as "spoken words and/or opinions," all of which, will be backed up by the very large amount of the written and videotaped documentation that is available.
     The first chapter of this section, "The Rebirth & Disintegration" (2000-2003), is the story of how hundreds of artists and supportive members of the arts community rallied to help both the Guild and the Museum during a time of difficulty. The Guild, during the brief tenure of myself as President, modernized its policies, grew rapidly, reformed and liberalized its Bylaws and Standing Rules, for the first time in its history demographically represented our entire community, and its membership had as much fun, optimism, and camaraderie as the organization ever had. This was also a time when the Guild produced, a new style of Newsletter, full of interesting articles, controversial commentary, cartoons, poems, quotes, interviews, all of the features from past issues plus new ones, within a newly designed (by Raul Trejo) and high quality printed format. I designed a brand new website, which received compliments as the finest "Art Site" on the Internet. Along with innovative (Democratic) juried shows, community outreach, and a palpable momentum of joy and success, our Guild promised a bright future for the entire art community.
     This brief spring was not without its controversy, as from the very beginning of the millennia there were those, both within the Museum and the Guild, who wanted the Guild to be under their personal control or leave the SDMA, without consideration of the opinions or feelings of either the majority of the artist community or even their own membership. This is also a story of the futile attempt to retain the Guild as an influential part of the San Diego Museum of Art and the subsequent loss of that influence. Several attempts at achieving the diminishment of the Guild were thwarted during my tenure, but after giving up the Presidency, the money I helped raise, was spent and not replenished, the forces of selfishness gained the political will to overcome all of my suggestions on raising funds and keeping up our momentum of success, and the Guild was soon again faced with separation from the SDMA and was subsequently reduced to a mere shadow of itself.
     The last chapter, "The Transformation" (2004+), is about how a new Guild, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, came into being and after its initial birthing pains overcame all obstacles, grew, and prospered, heralding our community into a new era of cooperation, joy, and beauty.

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