Chapter IX, "The Rebirth & Disintegration" (2000-2003) is the story of how the Guild rallied, despite having its right to exhibit in the museum or have any input in museum policy denied for no logical reason. How it quadrupled in size, doubled its treasury, and grew to its strongest position in its history, garnering the support and respect of most all of the artists and art lovers in the community. It also contains the recollections of the author's term as President, with reports of meetings with members of the Board of Trustees and museum staff, the relationship with the new director, and a highly detailed accurate account of the struggles within the Guild itself, their immediate aftermath, and the actions taken by the SDMA.
     Chapter X, "The Transformation" (2004+) is in the process of being written, as it is still an ongoing story.
     Chapter XI, "Artists Biographies" 1904-1999 jointly written with Martin Petersen
Chapter XII, "Artists Biographies" 2000-2003

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